MB Mallets

Custom Made Timpani Mallets in a variety of American and European designs.


Boston Modern Orchestra Project

The Music Formerly Known as Classical.


American Drum Manufacturing Co./Walter Light Timpani

Dresden style timpani made in the USA.


Grover Pro Percussion

Concert Percussion found in the world's finest concert halls.


Weiner Pauken Werkstatt

Classic Schnellar Style Timpani.


Fromme Echter Wiener Schlegel

Authentic Viennese Style Timpani Mallets.


Liz Linder Photography

Compelling projects, fascinating subjects and curious art directors always welcome.  All photos of Craig McNutt on this site courtesy of Liz Linder.


Living Sound Triangles

Hand Crafted Triangles for the discerning percussionist.


The Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra

Encouraging lifelong involvement with music by offering outstanding and accessible symphonic performances to the Ocean State.



Quality materials, thoughtful craftsmanship, and USA-made percussion accessories.



Bringing distinguished and compelling performances of exhilarating music from this and the last century to the Boston area.