For Sale

The following items are available for purchase.  If you are interested in them please get in touch via the "Contact" page.


Zildjian 18” Vintage Orchestral Cymbals - Medium Heavy

Barely used - hand selected.  One of the earlier pairs made.  $575.  Shipping extra.


Malletech LHS Marimba mallets:  LS5, LS15, LS17Z.

  Late 1980’s original Malletech mallets – “Burned in” label.  LS 15’s well used, others almost new. $50/per set of 4. Shipping extra.


Malletech CN9 Concerto and David Friedman DF12 Mallets.

Concerto: 1990’s vintage. $50/set of 4.
Friedman: Equal to current JC12.  Late 1980’s original Malletech mallets – “Burned in” label.  Some warping in 2 of the rattan shafts. $40/set of 4. Shipping extra.


Yamaha Straight Cymbal Stand

Functions perfectly.  Upper tube is slightly bent so it requires a bit of effort to raise and lower.  Free with local pickup.


Set of 4 Tycoon Woodblocks

Free With local pickup


On Stage Keyboard Stand

Brand New - never used. $35.  Local pick up only.  (Note: Above photo is stock photo, but item is identical.)